Some answers — Civil Rights


Republicans are widely perceived as providing (at best) mixed messages regarding civil rights. What is the Republican stand on individual civil rights, and if it is truly supportive of them, what accounts for these [recent] abuses? — Themon


On the question of civil liberties I am as confused as you are. Republicans do indeed talk a lot about individual rights. They contend that government should stay away from these, unless, of course, government is enforcing the law of God (which somehow is the only true freedom, yet only selectively cited; makes not a bit of sense, I know), or protecting people’s safety from thugs with big weapons by imposing tighter controls by even bigger thugs with bigger weapons (really doesn’t make sense).

Only the Libertarians and libertarian Republicans seem to be logical and consistent on this matter. We would really like to jettison the social Rs altogether, but they seem to like low taxes, and it is easier to keep Republicans out of the bedroom than Democrats out of the wallet. Or at least it used to be. Bush II’s spending got way out of hand and McCain was no better on that score. Dear gods it’s depressing.

I will get to your other two questions tomorrow. I just wanted to prove I had at least one short answer.


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