Additional Questions about Republicans


There were several other hysterical comments in the purple article, but thinking about them gave rise to some questions regarding abortion, gay marriage, flag burning, and illegal aliens.

I watched the “illegal alien” hysteria develop, and I think it started right here in District Four of Colorado. I seem to remember it was the 2006 mid-term. Because my ex-wife is gay, I’ve been aware of the “gay bashing” of the Republican party for well over a decade, and it has always played well (for Republicans) here in Colorado. For some reason, in the year in question it simply failed to gain any traction. I think people were tired of it. There was a brief stunned silence, then all of the right-wing ranters started up in the local papers, shotgunning any number of tried-and-true rabble-rousing topics in rapid succession: gun ownership, abortion, flag burning, illegal aliens. Within just a week or so the pollsters must have identified illegal aliens as the Hot Topic, because it suddenly exploded all over the country. We even started building a wall between the US and Mexico. After the election was over, there was a little bit of unconvincing big tough talk, and then the whole issue quietly faded away.

Both parties manipulate the public with insincere rhetoric and propaganda. The Democrats tend to do it with fluffy puppies in pink bows: good government doing good things for We the People, safety nets, helping the underdog, feeding starving children, etc. The Republicans tend to do it by evoking outrage, anger, bigotry, xenophobia, and fear. An observation.

The illegal alien flap was clearly insincere. It is my opinion that the Republican party is equally insincere about gay marriage: they use it because it evokes such strong feelings and gets out the Republican vote. I’m not so sure about abortion or flag burning.

Your thoughts?

— Themon

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