Anxious today, and for no particular reason. A long day at work, but a good one. No particular worries.

Weather, I think.  Today was the kind of flat, gray day we get here in the early Spring. About 34 degrees (F) around 9:00 this morning, bright daylight, but weak like watery tea. The kind of sunshine that brings no warmth at all. Plus something hanging in the air, snow perhaps, or just another windstorm.

This is the Evil Time for me. A season of death (really), and illness, and even horror. A season to endure. Memories can be too potent.

I made the mistake of following the crap happening in Wisconsin. It isn’t so much that the governor is such a corrupt bag of rotting scum, as the fact that no one stands to call him to account as a bag of scum. No recall vote. No outrage from the so-called conservatives who elected him: apparently he is just what they wanted.

Worked on the Lady’s Waltz last night, and I’m going to give it a go again tonight. More music coming….

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