Moved Fast

That went much better than I thought it would.

I’ve got the Cold From Hell, and today I had to take off work. As I told them, “Never draw more in the morning that you can erase in the afternoon.” It’s an old draftsman’s rule. It especially applies when you’re sick and liable to make mistakes. I didn’t want to code bugs all morning and then spend all afternoon trying to fix them.

So between naps, I wrote music. The Bless and Purify fugue utterly transformed when I shifted to a major key and put it in 3/4 time. It’s a completely charming melody.

I now have the not-too-difficult transition of moving back to 4/4, and dropping a fifth for the closing, which is a reprise of the Peace to the Quarters, also in a major key and one hell of a finish. I need just a smidge of inspiration, and then it’s just work….