3 Foundations: Nature and Earth

Birth. Mirth.
Mother Earth.
Infinite Worth.
Mud pies. Huck Finn.
Dirty face, blissful grin.
Time is up.
Come in, come in.
Soap and water.
Scrub. Scrub hard.
Sunday clean. Sunday best.
New shoes. Day of Rest.
Hopes and dreams.
Look forward. Look up.
Look to Heaven.
Don’t look down.

Earth on your boots.
Earth on your hands.
Earth beneath you. Beneath you.
Feet of clay. A dirty face.
Look to the stars. A rising star.
Adventure! Fame!
NEW worlds! NEW life!
Where no man has gone before.
Where no one has gone before.
No one.
Emptiness. Darkness. Alone.
The stars, like dust.
Like dust.
Like dirt.
Blessed dirt.

Air. Water. Food.
Too hot. Too cold.
Too new. Too old.
Blue-white longing.
Home. Belonging.
Return. Return.

Green-clad mound.
Birdsong. Sound.
Mouse nibbling.
Water. Earth.
Mud-pie. Mirth.
Day of Rest.
Mother’s Breast.

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