Quasi-Inaugural Post

WordPress LogoThe time has come to join the WordPress Hordes.

I’ve been very happy with my iWeb Blog, but two things have changed.

First, WordPress has really improved their product, and I discovered that installing it on my own web sites is a mere button-press away. Unlike my experience with Nucleus, it all just worked. Wham! Bam! Socko!

Second, and more importantly, I need a specific web presence for both Themon the Bard and the Missa Druidica, and I need a blog that supports discussion. iWeb just doesn’t do that. So here I am, climbing the WordPress learning curve.

So far, it has been cake.

This is a bit of a dull entry, just to check out the machinery. Look for more provocative entries to come….

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3 comments on “Quasi-Inaugural Post

  1. ThemonTheBard says:

    I need to comment on this entry just to see how this thing works.


  2. Marta Restrepo says:

    It looks good, so far. It was interesting that it took me a bit to find out where I should comment. When I saw that there were already two other comments, I clicked on that and here I am. Hope it works.
    I love you,


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