The Druidic Path walks the wheel of the year, the natural cycles of the earth in our temperate climes, and this time of year (in our hemisphere) is much-concerned with harvests. Harvests of the earth, of course, but then metaphorically, harvests of life, and of the soul. It is a time to celebrate things that have come to full ripeness, and are ready to be enjoyed in that fullness.

I’ve had two singular harvests this summer and fall.

The first was the live performance of my Sextet, renamed Sunset Afternoons for the event, which took place on August 20 at the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery. There was an audience of about 200 people, including the mayor and city council. The performance was beautiful, and was very well received by the audience. Other performances are planned for later this fall.

The second was a note from J.M. Greer, indicating that my story, A Break With The Past, had been selected for inclusion in an anthology of short stories to be published by Founders House Publishing. I’ve just received the contract for the story: it’s my first, ever, and I’m thrilled. I am now a published author.

The traditional virtue associated with harvests is gratitude: this cuts across all cultures and spiritualities, and Druidry is no exception.

I am grateful. Neither of these harvests is particularly about me: I’m only the focal point.

The music is the work of many: Beethoven and Chopin and Simon and Garfunkle and a thousand others, who surrounded me with their music as a child through a young man; my parents, for piano lessons and violin lessons and encouragement; music teachers, conductors I’ve played under, people I’ve performed for; friends and family; and, of course, the Muse who inspires me in the silent moments and brings it all to life.

The short story is the work of just as many, from the tales I fell in love with as a child, to J.M. Greer for creating the contest and the theme, to my wife for her editorial help.

I am the focal point — that was my contribution to this harvest. But it is a wonderful and pleasurable exercise in gratitude to walk down the paths of all the connections that came together to allow me to be that focal point.

It is a good harvest.

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