The Lady’s Waltz

This music has a long history.

I don’t recall the year it came to me, but I remember the moment. I was at Dragonfest, walking the lakeshore road, entirely at peace with the world, and the melody started to play in my head. I remember running to the nearest campsite and shouting something like, “I need a pen! And paper! My kingdom for a horse!” Or something like that. It was Dragonfest, so this wasn’t all that odd. They responded immediately, and I scribbled down the notes. The fragment went into my Pile of Unwritten Music to mellow properly.

It next surfaced, again at Dragonfest: one of the few years I brought my fiddle up to the mountains. There was another fiddler there, and a guitar, and next thing you know, we were performing an impromptu arrangement for the Saturday Evening Talent Show.

That would have been the autumn of 2007, because the next February one of our dearest friends got married, and I pulled an orchestration together and dedicated it to her for her wedding day.

It started tugging at me again a few weeks ago, and I decided to extend and rework the instrumentation, since I now have a better orchestra.

It’s first up on the Music tab. Enjoy!

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