Solar Part II

We’re finally through the permit maze.

July 11, 2022: Initial paperwork done, financing acquired, we’re moving forward.

July 31, 2022: Official notice that the process is beginning.

Aug 19, 2022: Site survey done, official plans drawn up, permitting begins.

Oct 17, 2022: Permit process completed.

Nov 16, 2022: All materials procured, work scheduled to begin.

Nov 16, 2022: Installation starts.

Tomorrow, the power goes off as they replace the breaker-panel, which is in good shape, but looks like it was installed in the 1950’s. It’s common for the area, and I’ve been informed before that it would be one of the first things replaced if we ever had a major electrical problem. Or, in this case, an electrical upgrade.

I was assured that we would have power back on by the end of the day.

Tomorrow may be a little chilly. I’m taking the day off, since I can’t do the remote-office gig. Sweater weather. Maybe brunch out.


Though we’ll need to pay attention to the dogs. They’ll need reassurance.

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One comment on “Solar Part II

  1. cathytea says:

    It’s so exciting. Hope it goes smoothly!


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