images-1I can never remember the names of anything I particularly liked or disliked, and I’m not about to skim through all my blogs on the way to the wine store. So I thought I’d make a list and share it.

This is my list, and reflects personal preferences.
If you like something I despised, enjoy it!
If you gag at something I liked, pour it out!

Current Favorites

Dark Horse Big Red Blend, Modesto (CA)
Dark Horse Double Down, Modesto (CA)
Dark Horse Chardonnay, Modesto (CA)
Bonterra Chardonnay, Hopland (CA)

Wines I’ve Loved

Horse Heaven Hills (H3) 2012, Colombia Crest (WA) Cabernet
Altos de la Hoya 2012, Olivares Hoya de Santa Ana (Spain) Monastrell
Merlot Lot 6 2013, Grayson Cellars (CA) Merlot
Old Vine Red Lot 60, Marietta (CA) Zinfandel blend
Auslese 2012, Schlink Haus (Germany) Reisling
Petalos 2011, Bierzo (Spain) red blend
E 2, Dave Phinney (Spain) red blend
Crasto 2012, Quinta do Crasto (Portugal) red blend
Frontera, Concha y Toro (Chile) red blend
Zinfandel 2011, BV Coastal Estates (CA) Zinfandel
Zen of Zin 2012, Zen of Zin (CA) Zinfandel
Laughing Cat 2012, Carlson Vinyards (CO) Gewurztraminer
Chardonnay, Barefoot (CA) Chardonnay
Vintner’s Collection 2012, Sterling (CA) Zinfandel
Saved 2012, Saved Wines (CA) red blend

Wines I’ve Hated

Faith 2011, St. Hallett of the Barossa (Australia) Shiraz
Proprietary Red 2011, Fleur de Lyeth (CA) red blend
Cabernet 2011, Fleur de Lyeth (CA) red blend
Riesling 2013, Chateau Ste Michelle (WA) Riesling
California 37 2012, Save Me San Francisco (CA) Cabernet
Chardonnay 2014, Francis Coppola (CA) Chardonnay
Old Soul 2014, Oak Ridge (CA) Zinfandel

3 comments on “Wines

  1. Suz nem says:

    A few words as to why you love or hate any given wine might be enlightening!


  2. Suz nem says:

    Thanks! I didn’t realize – my bad!


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