Troll Season (again)

I’ve noticed an uptick in Internet trolling. It’s a bit earlier than I expected, but there’s a lot of money behind the trolling, and a lot of people doing it.


I just re-read this, and it still seems sound.

I’ve noticed a new varietal coming out this Spring. The poster will go on the attack, accusing posters of making things worse because they are calling out the bad actors instead of concentrating on the problem that “both sides” are equally guilty.

Where it becomes obviously trollish is when one side is killing people, and the other side is trying to keep them from killing people, they both get tarred with the “both-sides” brush, and YOU get attacked because you are calling out the people killing people and don’t spend equal time criticizing the people who are trying to stop the killing. Apparently you are supposed to just stay quiet. Mmmm hmmmm.

Basic response remains the same: DON’T ENGAGE.

If you’re in a group and a lot of other people are getting sucked in, it may be worth taking one for the team and calling out the Troll. You will be attacked, of course. Ignore it. It’s a Troll. They aren’t your audience. You’re talking to the people being sucked in, and once should be enough. If they still want to engage the Troll, it’s their thing.

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